More Access To The River

PassumsicRiverAssessSAINT JOHNSBURY- The town of Saint Johnsbury is looking for more ways to use the Passumpsic River to get people out and about.  The River Front Committee has received a grant as a payment for the conceptual drawing of plans to make the river more accessible to residents in the area.


"The Municipal Planing Grant this year that the planing commission supports, is to look at the section of river front between the Portland State Bridge and the sewage treatment facility," says Susan Cherry of The Northern Vermont Development Association.


The grant will cover up to seven thousand dollars to pay for someone to make the drawings.  The hope is to make this starch of river more open to the public and getting in people from all over the visit and help bring up the economy.  Ideas included pathways for biking and walking, kayaking, lunches, and other ways to be out and around the water.  


The reason that people may not use the rivers maybe because it is still treated as a way of moving products from one place to another like it was over a century ago instead of a place for recreational activities according to Cherry.


"We have the river in Saint Johnsbury, but they are all in our backyard because when the town was developed in the Industrial Revolution time over one hundred years ago this was the way we got materials in and out of town," says Cherry.


The bird will be looking at potential ideas and plans this coming Tuesday and making their dissuasion soon after.  The artist will have until March of 2016 to finish their part of the project. The next step is to make the plan a reality over the course of next year.