Benefits of Breastfeeding For Baby and Mom

EDIT BFSAINT JOHNSBURY- In the medical journal The Lancelot, recent studies show breastfeeding can potentially save over 800,000 lives annually. The journal looked at over 1,000 cases over the course of decades.


Officials at Northerneastern Vermont Regional Hospital say breastfeeding has benefits for both mother and child such as lower risk of ear infection, higher IQ, and a stronger bond with the baby.

Breastfeeding also benefits the mother. Studies show it can prevent diabetes, breast, and ovarian cancers saving an additional 20,000 lives.

Carol Moore-Whitney, a nurse and lactation expert at NVRH, says the mother can benefit financially too.

“I would say that they will miss less work they will save money,” says Moore-Whitney. “Their baby will be healthier. It’s more portable, there’s no mixing, there’s no purchase.”

Future mom Megan Molton’s decision to breastfeed was reinforced by the added benefits that cause healthy babies.

“I’ve always wanted to do it because it’s the best health wise,” says Molton. “But also economically better than clearly buying formula you don’t need to buy.  And it’s supposed to help the baby in the long run.”

Moore- Whitney encourages parents who are able to turn to breastfeeding because of how natural it is.

“The reality is that formula is trying to be breast milk,” says Moore-Whitney. “It's not that breast milk is trying to be formula, so why not go straight for the real deal.”

Women who are concerned with backlash from breastfeeding in public can be assured that the law is on their side.

Moore-Whitney states, “It’s against the law to give people a hard time about breastfeeding.”