St.Johnsbury Armory Leaks


ST.JOHNSBURY- The old armory building in St.Johnsbury has been experiencing some issues with various leaks.  With the age of the armory comes natural decay and the roof of the building has been deteriorating for several years now.

According to St.Johnsbury's Assistant town manager, Joe Kasprzak "Over the course of the last few years the roof has crumbled significantly, to the point where water was literally running into the building and jeopardizing the integrity of the interior."

Recent funding from the St.Johnsbury selectboard has made the armory able to afford temporary roof sealing, which will solve the problem for the next few years.

"It's an old tar and gravel roof, we met with a few roofers and where the seams are where it drains, all the pipes were cracked."

Eventually the armory will need a whole new roof which will cost approximately $30,000.

"It took us a few months to get our act together and you know procure the funding through the selectboard.  You know identify the problems and then seek out uh you know a company.  A roofing company that could you know fufill the needs as we were requested of them."

There should be a plan in place to completely restore the roof within the next five years.