Baird Wants Charges Dropped


ST. JOHNSBURY- The O'Hagan trial is not yet over as the third and final suspect is asking for the murder charges to be dropped.

Keith Baird is asking that the charges against him for the first degree murder of Mary "Pat" O'Hagan be dropped. The burglary and murder of O'Hagan took place almost six years ago. Michael Norrie and Richard Fletcher have already reached their deals. Fletchers deals makes it so he has to testify against Baird.


Baird's defense attorney does not believe the state can provide sufficient evidence saying his client killed O'Hagan.

"We don't just just have to prove the burglary we have to prove the intent for the disregard for human life." State attorney Lisa Warren stated.

The fact that Baird was trying to commit a burglary and may have had one of the two guns which were loaded, show a disregard for life because at any second he could have pulled the trigger and killing someone. Norrie has already admitted to pulling the trigger that would end up hitting O'Hagan killing her.

Baird is also asking that the trail not be held within Caledonia county because of the bias that has raised over the years of the case. Baird's requests are just at the beginning and it will be a process to determine if either of them get taken.