Speeding in St J.

New Boston RdSaint Johnsbury - Saint Johnsbury residents are concerned about speeding along New Boston Road. St. Johnsbury Police Chief Clement Houde says there have been several compliants filed about drivers speeding to several different town officials. Chief Houde says the area has quite a bit of traffic during the day which means they want to tackle this issue as soon as possible.

Police have decided to use federal grants which will help save taxpayers money, because the federal grants will for paying for officers overtime and driving mileage. The two grants are the Occupant Protection Grant and the DUI Grant. The O.P. Grant is worth eight thousand dollars and the D.U.I. Grant is worth ten thousand. The hope is that with more police action on the road will be an adequate way to make people stay safe on the road.


"Just being in the area and the folks driving those roads seeing a cruiser will be a reminder that they need to slow down," says Saint Johnsbury Police Chief Clem Houde.

"It is not just the speeding, its the using the cell phones, its the defective equipment, its the not paying attention. So we're out there as much as a reminder as the enforcement piece," says Houde.

Chief Clem Houde hopes the money will be used across more roads in the town. This will help safety and by doing so, work to prevent injury or death on the town roads.