Volunteer a Kid



ST. JOHNSBURY- Volunteer a Kid Program, made its first year debut this winter with the help of the seventh and eighth graders at the ST. Johnsbury School.

 A program dedicated to helping anybody in the school or the school community, was founded by Sharon Fitzgerald who teaches language arts and social studies at the school. Being a tradition for Fitzgerald and her advisory class to give back one way or another during the holiday season, they decided to do something different this year by helping one of their own in the school community.

“Every year I try to think of something that my advisory class can do for someone else during the holidays instead of just celebrating Christmas because some kids don’t celebrate Christmas”, said Fitzgerald who has been teaching for 25 years.

Having done other programs in the past, like rescuing animals, or getting involved with the habitat and the Santa fund, Fitzgerald and her advisory class got the idea of “volunteer a kid” after reading an online article that was called “rent a kid”.

 “We decided to do it kind of a different way and do ‘volunteer a kid’ for anybody at the school who needed some help. So I sent out an email to all the staff including custodians”, Fitzgerald stated.

The program which brought a lot of great and positive response from the students and the staff promoted awareness of giving back to others while sharing the spirit of the festive season.

Volunteer a kid which was only running for two weeks ends its final day tomorrow before everybody leaves for the Christmas break.