Backpack Program

Backpack ThumbnailLYNDON-HOPE'S Backpack program continues to be in demand of the upcoming holiday season, especially for those strugggling with food insecurity.



This backpack program was started a little over ten years ago by HOPE, a local nonprofit centered around providing families with lifes basic needs. They help ensure that local children in the area recieve healthy food and snacks daily. The backpacks are loaded with things like granola bars, chicken noodle soups, milk, fruit cups, cereals, peanut butter, jelly, and boxes of mac and cheese. On average this year, one hundred and twenty four backpacks have been given out each week to children in need. In recent years, HOPE has continued to see a steady rise in the need for this program.

"It feels like its going to be growing also, and from talking to people that come in, and the staff that come in to each schools the need is just ongoing constantly." said Yvette O'Conner Service Coordinator of HOPE.

The winter months especially seem to be a harder time for those in need in Lyndon, with shelters becoming more filled. The Backpack Program usually sends out the most backpacks during these colder months.

"The holidays can be hard for those who are struggling, we like to have enough food to send out backpacks the week before Thanksgiving break so kids can have something over the holiday." said O'Conner.

The best way to get involved in this Backpack Program is to contact a school counselor. From there, they can then get into contact with HOPE.

Although HOPE works close with the VT Food Bank too in providing for these backpacks, they also rely heavily on donations from the community. Anything people or small buisinesses can provide is always appreciated, especially with the holidays fast approaching.   



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