Millers Run Bridge Stands to See Another Day

BridgeLYNDON- It’s only been a few weeks now since the Millers Run Bridge has been back open after being closed during the summer for repairs. This happened after an oversized box truck heavily damaged the bridge back in late May. It nearly suffered the same fate last week when an 18- wheeler tractor trailer made it through by the skin of its teeth.  “At some point, we make excuses for everybody,” Says Lyndon Municipal Advisor Justin Smith.

“It’s on the driver, the driver has their CDL, they know what they have to be aware of, what they have to be watching for, that’s their responsibility.”



While most members of the community were upset about having to re-route their commutes, 4-year old Dela Stoddard-McGrath was especially sadend by the damaged bridge. McGrath wanted to do something to help inform drivers about the height and weight requirements. So earlier in September, with the help of town officials, McGrath planted a sign at one of the entrances to the bridge. Millers Run Bridge is a vital piece of many commuters daily drive, and it’s been around for almost two centuries. Residents urged the town to put up more warning signs, but the town says that they are already there.


That however didn’t stop a tractor trailer from crossing the historic bridge late last week. “The signs are big, they’re bright, but they don’t seem to be making an impact,” Smith says, “I don’t think that if you add more signs its gonna change anything. You can continue to add things that don’t get looked at, and the responsibility at some point has to fall on the individual that’s not doing the right thing.” 


Smith also says that GPS may be to blame. He says there are specific GPS programs for truckers, that route around height and weight restrictions, but if truckers use a cell phone, they may win up stuck in a short covered bridge, or, Smugglers Notch.