H.O.P.E.'s Sixth Annual Color Vibe

Color RunLYNDONVILLE- It was a day filled of laughter, music, and color. H.O.P.E.’s sixth annual Color Vibe was this past weekend, and this year was certainly different than it has been in the past. 

Wet weather and cold temperatures threatened the original date, which was set for April 27th. This prompted them to, for the first time ever, postpone the event. This was certainly not easy, as other events that were rescheduled because of flooding may have been taking place that day as well. 

 Bob McCabe, President of H.O.P.E., said that this proved to be a challenge. The decision to postpone the color vibe was made the day before, and was a hard one to make. “We really debated whether to do it because we’ve never done it before, and we had to reschedule for the park. We had to do a whole bunch of little things, talk to the police, get the information out on social media and to the Cal Record, and things like that.” 

 One of the biggest pieces of the color vibe, is how much of a community event that it is, and the effect that it has. It is H.O.P.E.’s second largest fundraising event that they put on, but that is not all of the good that comes out of it. H.O.P.E gets help with the event from volunteers all around. Lyndon Institute, Saint Johnsbury Academy, and Northern Vermont University all play key roles in helping the color vibe run effectively. 


“This is our sixth year of doing this, ” said McCabe, “it’s gotten bigger every year and the college has really been very, very supportive with us.” Back in October, the Student Government Association (SGA) gave their largest donation to the organization, since they began donating to H.O.P.E annually. 


Alex DaSilva, a Club Representative for the SGA, was running the color vibe. He thinks the donation given by the SGA was “a great opportunity to help the needy people of Lyndonville”. He added “we gave Ten Thousand dollars, and I think that will go a long way. We gave it right before Christmas time, when people are probably at their most needy, and I think it can go a long way to giving people food for the holiday season, and bringing that joy to people in the local area.” 


Now a staple in the community, it is also something that is memorable for students attending the University, who participate each year. Last years winner, Sean Bagdon, is a student at NVU Lyndon, and also won this years race. An avid runner, Bagdon loves the atmosphere that surrounds events like the color vibe. He completed the race in about ten minutes. 


Bagdon added that, “I feel that color runs are so much more fun just ‘cause everyone’s more relaxed and they’re just out here to have a great time. Just having the color around, and all of the excitement makes it a lot more fun to run.” Dasilva also has participated in the event the past few years explaining that “it’s just fun! I love the event, I did it my freshman year, I did it my sophomore and now it’s my junior year. I had a blast and it’s aways good to get out with the community.”

HOPE 6th Color Vibe 5k Walk/Run from NewsLINC on Vimeo.

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