House Advances Bill for Wage Increase

Min Wage

LYNDON- The House of Representatives has advanced a bill that would increase minimum wage to 15 dollars an hour by 2024.


    By slowly increasing the wage would allow small businesses to make the necessary changes to afford the wage increase. Many small business in Lyndon said it is better that way, because they would not be able to afford a rapid change.

     One employer in particular has already begun preparing herself if the bill passes. Green Mountain Books owner Kim Credy-Smith is that employer and she says "I take a little bit less of a salary and I have to admit that in some cases I think about their hours and I work a little more People who work for me mean so much to this business, that it is a delight to be able to pay them what they are worth." Credy-Smith also wants customers to know, she would not have to increase her price to compensate for the increase.

     One Lyndonville Resident , Christian Kapoukranidis  has parents that own a business. His opinion was "Essentially as income rises, expenses are also going to rise because of cause and effect. If we are giving people more money, we need to counter act it and make more money elsewhere. Essentially all the money they  are making is going to be back spent. Essentially it''s not a bad idea, possibly giving more incentive for people to work Essentially, but it may not be as effective as we think."

     The bill is now being sent to the house appropriation committee to approve the 1.6 million dollar a year budget that would allow the increase to happen.


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