Lyndon Planning Commission Seeks Public Input

Envision Lyndon LYNDON-  Every five years, the Lyndon Planning Commission gets together to write a town plan, which outlines what the town would like to see improved or kept the same over a five year period.

"The intent of a Town Plan is to develop a coordinated, comprehensive policy framework that relates to the public aspects of a community. Citizen participation is encouraged in all parts of the plan in an attempt to provide a balanced document that reflects the community's values. A plan that reflects the broad consensus of the community can be an effective guide for future decisions," as was stated in the 2015 town plan.

This year, the commission is launching a new workshop program called Envision Lyndon.The goal of Envision Lyndon is to get community input about how the town can revitalize particular areas and highlight current attractions. The committee will be focusing on three main aspects during upcoming workshops and through a survey; what should be maintained, what should evolve, and what should transform.

There will be six workshops, starting May 8th at 6pm at the Municipal Building. These workshops will focus on certain topics that residents will give their input towards. The topics are flood resilience, economic development, housing, energy and transportation, health and recreation and natural and historic resources. The other dates will be announced soon.

To get the word out, the commission plans on mailing out flyers on May 1st. The Director of the commission, Annie McLean said it would be,  "just a blurb letting people know the town plan is being updated. If it goes by zip code, it would go to every Lyndon, Lyndonville, Lyndon Center and Lyndon Corner resident. Commission member, Tammy Mantel said, "I think it's a great idea, 'cause it also hits the people who don't have easy internet access."

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