National March for Meals Month

Meals on wheels LYNDONVILLE- This month is March for Meals month and the Darling Inn Meal Site is one of the many places in the northeast Kingdom that can provide meals for those who don't have access to them. They not only provide meals at the meal site but they also deliver them through the Meals on Wheels program or people can pick them up as well.

 According to the Meals on Wheels website over two hundred million meals are delivered each year across America to over two million Americans.

For Carol Barlow she enjoys being on the meals on wheels board she says that anybody is welcome to the meal site.

"They come through and order ahead of time, take out meals and some of them are delivered, some people come here to pick them up, it's an important service for this area,...this service is important because it makes people realize that there are needs for food for Meals on Wheels and for the citizens, the older citizens and anybody that actually needs food is welcome here to this meal site," said Barlow.

Earlier this month they had a specific day called March for meals that helped recognize the significant impact that the program has for local people.For some it can be beneficial in the sense that it allows for people to get out and socialize with others.

"I live alone and I would have to eat alone everyday, I've made a lot of friends, the meals are very nourishing very very complete, they work hard to make them that way and I've always been here," said Lucille Ventres.

"It's wonderful because for one thing it's a social thing, people will see each other, there's Rowland over there you know we see him every time we come in and we chat a little and others throughout the room you know as they come in, it's a social thing you know and the meals are nutritious and I might say tasty... it would be hard for me to decide which I like better between the food we eat and the people we see I would say it's about fifty fifty. "It's an opportunity to be out of the house to get a good meal and to see people that you know and care about," said Thomas Hood.

For volunteers Ashley Lee and Alex Weaver, it isn't just about helping their community. Lee started becoming a volunteer about two and a half years ago and Weaver became one about three years ago. Lee says she enjoys helping Weaver everyday especially while volunteering for the Meals on Wheels program. They not only deliver meals, but they do help people take out the trash, shovel driveways and anything else that they need support with.

"We started to be volunteers for Alex to be a part of the community and build relationships with people in the community and we really enjoy helping people.. we enjoy helping people and it is also very beneficial for Alex as well as the people that we deliver to, we like to see the smiles on everyones faces when we light up their day when we walk in the door for a lot of people they are the only people that they see in a day, " said Lee.

The Meals on Wheels program hopes that they can get more volunteers to help them deliver more meals across the Northeast Kingdom. 

Meals on wheels

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