Residents Parade Depot St With Lights

Lantern WalkLYNDON -  It was a parade of singing, laughing, coming together and lighting up the night for the first day of spring. Weeks after creating varies lanterns of size, shape and design,

it was time for residents to share their creativity with their friends, neighbors and surrounding communities. A crowd of about 150 plus residents of Lyndon and surround towns gathered at the Muncipal building in anticipation of showing off their hard work and to bring in the coming of spring with lights and unity.

     Singing filled the air with their special marching song "Joyful, joyful we are marching, light your lanterns be of cheer. Joyful, joyful we are marching Vernal Equinox is here." The air was also filled with the sound of kazoos being played. 

     Once the full moon rose it was time to march. The group marched from the Muncipal building to the Asia Resturant on Depot street. The crowd sung their song, talked and laughed and just enjoyed each other's company along the way. Through the crowd smaller lanterns for the children could be seen. For the adults you could see bigger simple lanterns or more advance ones like a humming bird, a bee and a elephant. Those ones being made out of coffee filters. These had lights srung on them to give over their light.

     The maker of the bee is Jenifer Steel of Burke, she had this to say "I thought it was a beautiful night, a lot of people came out. It was fun to be part of the community." She said it only took her two days to make her enormous bee made out of willow bark and coffee filters.

     The event drew some attention as cars driving by started to take notice and asked what the event was about. Organizers Kim Credy-Smith, Ellie Barksdale and Martha Elmes hope that by people who passed by will be interested in doing the event next year, and that the crowds will continue to grow year after year. Elmes said the event went "Exactly how we expected, right, exactly. It didn't rain, it didn't snow, no one got hit by a car." Elmes also said they couldn't have done this event without all the help from the community organiztions who funded the event.


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