$2.75 million dollar Lyndonville water bond passes


LYNDONVILLE -  Residents in the village of Lyndon passed the $2.75 million dollar bond for upgrades to the Vail Transmission Water Main. The vote passed thirteen to three, which allowed the project to progress to the next step.

The planning and bidding process will begin soon according to town officials, construction however, will not commence until the summer of 2020.

The project focuses on the western side of the village, specifically in the areas of Heath Road, Vail Drive, and the Speedwell Avenue housing development. The purpose behind the project is to make the pipes more accessible and traceable, which will happen when they re-route the lines. Currently the pipes are not easy to find by contractors because they are wrapped in asbestos, which makes them hard to locate. The lines in scope are from 122 near Center Street, up through Lyndon Institute, and up College Road to the pump station off of Snowflake Lane. From there through the Speedwell Avenue housing development, across Vail Drive and up Heath Road to the reservoir.

Justin Smith, Municipal Administrator for the Village said, "the benefits of doing the project and getting it done is that we will, on the flip-side, have the select board involved in probably doing a road project there in the near future, once that infrastructure's in place. That obviously will be a noticeable change for those that travel the road regularly."

For those who may be wondering what this means for the taxpayers living in the village, Dawn Dwyer, Village Clerk and Treasurer said that, "any user that's on our village water system will incur a piece of this, and they're anticipating that it's going to be an increase of about nine dollars to their base fee. I believe the base fee right now is about sixty-three dollars. So once this is done, the first bond payment is going to be due in 2021, so the rates will reflect that. So that means an approximate cost of total fees being seventy-two dollars."


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