NVU - Lyndon Protest Climate Change

newslinteachoutLYNDON- Across the Global in over 112 countries, students are skipping class to stand up for their future. The big push comes from a 16 yr. old young women in Sweden, who has been skipping school to set up camp in front  of parliament to protest climate change. she thinks that lawmakers are failing to uphold their commitments to fight climate change as agreed to under the Paris climate accord.

All of these student run protest have slightly different demands with the common theme to push their governments for stronger greenhouse gas emission reduction. Greenhouse emissions are having the strongest impact on the earths climate system. Nathan Rubin a Junior in Atmospheric Sciences explained how carbon dioxide is the strongest greenhouse gas that acts like the thermostat of the atmosphere. Rubin says. " Its like when your baking a loaf of bread, CO2 acts as the preheat and now we just wait."

At these events, students presented the impacts climate change will have on the world and here in vermont.Topics ranged from how sea level rise will impact local population grow... To how climate change is affecting mental health. Sabra Anne Snyder is a student in the physiology department and presented at the "Teach Out" said, "We need to have people come to an understanding where their is enough people talking about it and there is not enough people talking about... there are... we are just not connected and so hopefully these talks... hopefully marching ...  hopefully having classes and more awareness about it will acutely balance out that scale and we will come together. She says the mental health impacts of climate change will only get worse as families watch their land and natural resources destroyed.     

Jonathan Hutchinson who coordinated the teach out says, "the politicians that you see on tv, those are going to be our generation and we need to make sure that we have the knowledge and ability to affectively tackle this dilemma.



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