12th Annual March for Meals

March for Meals LYNDONVILLE- The Darling Inn Meal Site in Lyndonville held its twelfth annual March for Meals lunch earlier today. These meals are provided for the community to be able to get together to enjoy free meals together.


The site was hoping to be able to beat their goal of 500 turkey dinners as last year they hit 431 meals.Although this year they only received enough food for 300 meals, they still were happy to be able to give out that much food to those in need.Meals are donated from White's Market, Reinhart and the local food bank.

"When you put on an event like this where you are serving so many meals and the businesses are the big support for this they come through and order ahead of time to take out meals and some of them are delivered some people come here to pick them up it's an important service for this area," said meal site board member and volunteer Carol Barlow.

For some, this is a good way to be able to eat a meal without being alone.

"It means a lot to me because I live alone and I would have to eat alone everyday. I've made a lot of friends, the meals are very nourishing, very complete, they work hard to make them and I've always been very happy here. I've been a volunteer in the past and I still do some volunteering here I like that part of it because it gives me something to think about," said community member Lucielle Venties.

For community member and minister Thomas Gregory and his wife they not only go to the Lyndonville location but they also go to the West Burke Meal Site as well. Many times music will be played and bands to entertain the community members that come in for meals.

"It's wonderful because for one thing, it's a social thing people will see each other, there's Rowland over there you know we will see him here every time we come here, chat a little and others throughout the room you know as they come in it's a social thing and the meals are nutritious and I might say tasty.The cook does an amazing job here and the cook in West Burke does an amazing job we are apt to be at one or another. We also do music in the meal sites as we have opportunity we play with the band up there the McInny brothers up in Burke and once in a while we do music here on the ukulele and the organ. Ijust so appreciate that it exist for us," said Gregory.

The meal site hopes to continue to be able to give out meals for years to come.


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