Northeast Kingdom Preschool and Daycare Earns Fourth Star

KINGDOM PRESCHOOL LYNDONVILLE- The Northeast Kingdom Preschool and Child Care Center has recently received it's fourth star through the Steps Ahead Recognition Program. This program, recognizes preschools and child cares in the state of Vermont that go above and beyond state regulations to provide service for parents and children that is needed to help improve children's learning.
Both childcare director Rachel Bickford and employee and grant coordinator Jessica Poginy are both happy to see that the childcare center has had lots of success since their opening two years ago. When they had received the grant to improve their quality of education as well as helping parents be able to provide affordable childcare for their kids they were happy to see that their hard work had paid off. "So we are very excited, we just recently got our fourth star so that means we had to go through a process of being rated as to our quality here. The children... in preschool they are learning to form their alphabet letters and write their name they are also learning some emotional and social interactions with each other and their peers in our toddler room it's a lot of how the world works so they are learning through play which is their next interaction piece and quite similar to our infant room so everything is based on their development, "said Bickford.

Today the children were able to learn what a heart is for Valentine's Day as well as making friendship bracelets for each other. Every month the children learn something different based on holidays to grow their enrichment and grow their respect for each other. They also learned how to read with a book about pajamas as it was wear your pajamas day. Poginy said that she really enjoys being able to teach the students different things for the holidays.

"It's exciting to achieve the fourth star in such a short period of time and it just shows that all of the employees that work here are dedicated. So today we learned something special and what we focused on was the concept of colors and hearts and shapes and also we were able to talk about love and to talk about caring for each other and what it means to be a good friend. So it's very exciting for us it has continued with us so that we know that we are recognized for our hard work and it gives us motivation to continue to do an excellent job to provide quality childcare and make us want to move on to the next level," said Poginy.

The childcare center hopes that it can continue to grow and improve the quality of children's education for years to come.

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