Declining Gas Prices Continue

gas prices finalLYNDON - The Northeast Kingdom has gas prices as high as $4.00 or higher in some areas just a little over a year ago, now gas prices have fallen to as little as $2.36 a gallon. The drop in prices has been attributed to multiple causes, the biggest of which being breaks on gasoline taxation by the Federal Government, as well as increased business with gas stations within the area.

The Town's Corner Store in Lyndon has been enjoying a steady increase in customers over the past year as Gas prices have dropped, Kim Thompson, Manager of the Town's Corner Store has been working at the store since before the gas prices spiked two years ago. "I remember coming into work and seeing so many customers pump miniscule amounts of gas and then leave becasue that's all they could afford." Kim explained, "Gas was so expensive that business dropped and we rarely had any sales in store, it seemed like the only time customers came in was when they didn't have a card to plug into the pumps."


Since that time however the gas prices have dropped more than a whole dollar, and the Town's Corner Store has definitely bounced back since that time in terms of serving their customers more than just a full tank. "With prices doing better than they have in a long time, we finally have a reason to be behind the counter making food and stocking shelves. We're the first gas station you see coming off of the interstate, and now that people aren't putting all their money into the pumps, people come in and get snack and food cause they can afford it again. It's nice to see customers come into the store again, almost as nice as it is to see new faces filling up their cars."

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