Heating in the Winter

heatingoilLYNDONVILLE- Since the winter season has arrived and the cold temperatures are hitting the Northeast Kingdom, it means heating and oil businesses are seeing thier busiest time of the year. Tyler Hebert Owner of Hebert & Sons says, "Well definitley as the weather changes, people start relying on fuels to heat thir houses with. Which is a pretty important issue here in Vermont when it gets to 20 below zero."


Hebert says him and his crew take turns staying on call in the winter time incase a customer has issues during the late hours. "If people don't have heat, there's really no waiting until morning. So when the pager goes off, we have to go."

The cost to heat a home in the winter rises because of the cold temperatures. "The colder it is outside, the faster heat leaves your building so it takes more fuel to keep your house at a comfortable temperature." says Hebert.

The most predominant heating sources people in the Northeast Kingdom use are propane, oil, and wood but Hebert says they've been seeing pellets and solar energy more often. He says people put instorage tanks in their basements that harness the suns energy in water, so it can be used in the winter time when the sun doesn't appear as much.

The most common call the crews run into in the winter is people haing not heat, but Hebert says it can be avoided if you take care of your systems and use preventative maintence in the fall, problems in the winter time wont occur as often.

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