H.O.P.E Seeks Public's Help for Grant

hope1LYNDONVILLE- The non-profit H.O.P.E have applied for a grant through the we care 2 organization, a Vermont organization that focuses on non-profits who help the communities with food, shelter, electricity, etc. And they need the publics help in order to qualify for the grant. in order to receive the grant, they need the public to send in comments and impact statements on howH.O.P.E has helped their families and the community.

 If they receive the grant, the money will be used for the backpack program and the food shelf pantry at the store.

Hayley Marckres the administrative assistant at H.O.P.E says, " We get comments from the community on how H.O.P.E has had an impact6 on them or like our services have had an impact based on the comments they'll pick top five finalists to receive the donation.

Marckres say receiving the grant will help the non-profit after growing in size the past few years. "It will help immensely with us, over the past couple years our services have tripled. We're in what we call a food dessert, where you only have a certain amount of locations where you can buy food and it might not fit into everyone's budgets where we are, especially in the Northeast Kingdom where everything's so rural."

Marckres says that any help they can get helps in a great way. For anyone who would like to send a comment they can go to the VSECU website for more details.

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