Tree Down on Calendar Brook Road

tree downLYNDONVILLE- A tree fell down on a conductor at Calendar Brook Road in Lyndonville this afternoon. Lyndonville Electric Department was on scene fixing the power lines. This is one of the many incidents this week where power outages have occurred since Monday night's storm. Ryan Hall a crew member from Lyndonville Electric says, 

"We've seen a lot of this, with the heavy wet snow. A lot of dead trees they get weak and they fall down.And we go out and take them off and hopefully it doesn't break the wires. This was a pretty easy fix."


Hall says his crew alone has seen at least situations where power has gone out or trees have fallen on the lines since it started snowing on Monday evening."This is pretty big customer line here, it knocks the power back all the way to Lyndonville, and it goes from here all the way to Glover."
Hall says with the sow starting to melt off the trees, there are less outages occurring and the hope is that it they will stop within the next few days.

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