Construction Giving Lyndon a Rural Edge

rural edgeLYNDON - It has been just over a year since the Rural Edge announced its intention to demo the apartment buildings located at 467 and 491 Main Street in the town of Lyndon. However since the initial announcement was made, there has been a pause, or so much as a silence from Rural Edge regarding the project. Luckily they broke this silence on Monday, November 26th with a small ad placed in the Caledonian Record that they are seeking contractors to sign on to the project, i.e. the next step in the process.

"Usually with projects like these, you will see a year to an eighteen month break before the project moves forward," explained Brian Pickard, the Deputy Director at the Rural Edge, "It takes that amount of time to assess the project and what it will entail, get the necessary funding, and also to find accommadations for those currently living in the existing structures." Pickard spoke about the construction process in a recent interview on November 28th; in the interview he discussed the reasons behind why they haven't been able to move forward with the project and how they are planning to move forward from this point on. 


"We are looking to begin construction in early March, of course this may change due to any number of things, so for the time being we are planning to be finished with everything by the summertime of 2019." Pickard also discussed how he believed the project was positively affecting the town as well. "I think that projects like the one that we are doing will mobilize a few of the companies and store owners here in town to make adjustments to existing buildings and hopefully make lyndon better than it is now. This area has so much potential, and so much that can be done to make it better, this project is a clear testament to that, and people have seen that. Hopefully this will be the first step to bigger and better projects that will revitilize the area."

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