Lyndon Church Helps California Fires

jimproctorLYNDONVILLE- The wildfires in Paradise California have finally been contained , but they have destroyed homes, killed many people, and left others with nothing. So from three thousand miles away, members of the Lyndonville United Methodist Church decided to do something to help. They have sent gift cards to the Chico Oaks Adventist School.

Pastor Jim Proctor says "They don't need stuff sent, so we came up with the idea of Amazon gift cards that can be ditributed among the parents of the kids that will come to the school in Chico to get supplies or anything else they might need. "Being able to help those in need hits home for some pepole part of the church. Pastor Jim Proctor has family that has been affected. "I have a cousin, who had a home in Paradise California. He along with everybody else lost his home. He was also a vetrinarian and his vetrinary clinIc burned to the ground also his church and church school, along with everything."
Dr. Kitto's sister Cheryl Miceli is also a teacher at the school in Chico where the gift cards are bieng donated; it was her and Proctors idea to have the donations be made as gift cards so the families could figure out what materials they needed individually.
"Well it's oviously such an incredible disaster, that what can a little community like Lyndonville do? It's very meaningful to be able to target specifically a group of folks of somebody that we know, my cousin. Children, what does it mean for them to have lost their home, their school, everything in their comunity" says Proctor.
It is something the church is greatful to be able to send others their thoughts and prayers when they need that encouragment the most. "When that community of support no longer has a central place where they can gather together and encourage support one another. Here's a place where we can focus attention on some of them and say, there's a larger community of brothers and sisters and Christ around the world who will rally around you to the best of our ability, when your own church has been devastated."
Proctor says it is an opportunity to be what they're meant to be,"people who care about other people." Proctor adds there has been a large reponse of people wanting to donate, even if they aren't members of the church.
Anyone who would like to help can send donations to the Lyndonville United Methodist Church.




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