Chili Cook-Off

chili coookoff final LYNDON- On Saturday, the Lyndon Outing Club and Northern Vermont University Lyndon's Ski and Ride Club hosted their 11th annual Chili cook-off and rail jam to raise money for the organization.

The Lyndon outing club has be providing affordable skiing to the area since 1937. The Outing Club is a non for profit organization that pays a few employees and board members to help keep it running.

The Vice President of the Lyndon Outing Club Says, "We don't get a lot of crowds anymore, so we rely on fundraiser like this to pay the bills." He thinks some of the reason for this is because of a lack of good snow for them to be open and also there seems to be a lack of interest in skiing.

So, 11 years ago the former lsc ski and ride club, the now nvu-lyndon ski and ride started the Chili Cook-off to raise money to raise money and give back to community. Anyone can enter their chili for a tasting compactions. To participate in the tasting, guest pay a small 5 dollar fee that goes to the Outing Club. Companies like Jay Peak faced off against other NVU-Lyndon clubs and local residence just coming out for a good time.

Outside, another NVU-Lyndon Club's MEISA provides live music wells students take to the rail on man made snow. Ski and Riders competed for prizes that where sure to get anyone ready for the coming winter season.

This is also an event that shows the power of small communities working together. Derek Middendorf who is a member of the Ski and Ride club said, "The Ice rink down at Lyndon institute shaves their rink with the Zamboni and they leave it out side for us . and they encourage taking it because it opens up space in the parking lot. so we get it out of there for them, and we get to snowboard on it. It shows that the community is pretty strong around here for a being a pretty small town and small school. And I think its great that we get to continue doing this and letting people snowboard before the mountains open, right in town."

The Lyndon Outing Clubs is set to open as soon as they have full cover on their trails. Hopefully with a season starting in late December and going through early March.


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