Local Salon Helps The Community

shearLYNDONVILLE -  Amy Bean owner of Shear Sensations in Lyndonville does something a little different for her Thanksgiving dinner. Six years ago her and her husband decided they were going to host a community Thanksgiving dinner.

And there would be no cost. Everything would be free, and anyone could come. They set the location at Darling Inn and planned to fund they event out of pocket from the earnings at the salon.  

"When it started six years ago, Shear Sensation was just going to do it. We were going to supply everything, and everything was going to come out of our pocket. And we were just overwhelmed by they amount of donations that came in." Said Amy Bean owner of Shear Sensation salon and spa.

     Since then the event has become really well known throughout the community. And donations have come from all over. Places such as the rotary club and the North Country Crediy Union who make money donations to all the local business that contribute. The salons clients are also a huge contribution making sure the dinner is fully stocked by the time the holiday arrives.
     "We have our clients who want to participate, either by volunteering, or making pies, or donating food. By the time Thanksgiving gets here most of our food has been donated." Says Bean. 

     If you plan on attending this years dinner be sure to call ahead. The number is 802- 626-8200 and let them know you plan on coming. And if you would like to donate be sure to stop into to the salon and ask how you may help.


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