2nd Annual Lyndon Art Walk

art walkLYNDON - For the second year in a row, the Downtown Revitilization Group for the town of lyndon will be hosting an artwalk throughout the month of November. The Revitilization group was very excited to see the event return this year, and they were also very happy to see such support from local artists and the community.

It was at this time last year that the Downtown Revitilization Group created the first Art Walk, and since that time, the group has been hard at work creating fun local events and attractions for local residents. "After the Artwalk was such a huge success last year, we knew that we had to keep going with other events as well," Martha Elmes, event organizer for the artwalk, explained, "we've put on other events since then that have been great at getting the community involved and doing something that they can be proud in." Other events that the Revitilization group created include the nighttime lantern walk which drew out over 1,000 participants... as well as a local street party this past spring which drew a very large crowd as well.

It isn't just events either, the Downtown Revitilization Group is also the group to thank for the new mural that can be found across from the Cumberland Farms gas station located right in the heart of Lyndon. The beautiful mural was painted in September and has since become one of the key focuses of town. "Art has been proven to bring people together," Elmes said, "and what the downtown area, and the rest of lyndonville needs, is to be drawn together through a mutual love or respect of something, why not use art to make that connection?"

Just like last year, the Art Walk will continue throughout the month of November, and all the submitted art pieces will be available for viewing in storefronts all along Depot Street.

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