Students Spread Halloween Spirit

paradeLYNDONVILLE- In anticipation of tonight's spooky festivities, students at Northeast Kingdom Preschool and Childcare put on a Halloween parade in downtown Lyndonville. The march started at the school, and ended with a musical performance at the Darling Hill Inn.

According to the school's Community Outreach Coordinator, Jessica Poginy, the event was a continued effort to connect the students with the community.

"Today we were able to work with the Darling Inn. So we were basically bringing the young and the young-at-heart together to celebrate an amazing event- Halloween, so that both of our populations could come together, and smile, and be happy."

The excitement for the holiday was contageous as soon as the students entered the Inn, decked out as their favorite characters. They proceeded to sing two songs for the residents, which Poginy says they've been rehearsing for two weeks. "It's always exciting for them to have an audience," she said.

This is the school's second annual Halloween Parade. According to Poginy, they're hoping to continue the tradition, and look forward to working with the Darling Inn residents in the future.


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