Legislator Kitty Toll Runs For A Sixth Term

KittyLYNDONVILLE – Kitty Toll has served as a State Legislator for Caledonia and Washington county for five terms thus far. This year, she is the incumbent and unlike past terms, she is not running against another candidate.

Toll is a long-time resident of Danville and attended Lyndon State College and The University of Vermont, where she studied political science. From a young age she was interested in politics, as her whole family was very instrumental in the local political community. Throughout Toll's political career, she has focused very much on identifying issues within the community and creating a way to increase affordable living for Vermonters. This time around, her focus is not much different.

An issue that has been very prevalent in the past few years is the opioid crisis, and this is something that certainly is not restricted to Vermont. Toll recognizes that the needs of the Northeast Kingdom are much different from the rest of Vermont, and that these needs must be taken care of.

The Legislator commented "I have great concerns about the amount of treatment that is available and the amount of counseling that is available. These individuals really need strong support systems, and we don't have enough. Lots of investments are needed, mental health treatment and not just addiction."

She made a strong point saying that the opioid crisis needed to be addressed sooner than it was, especially because it is prevalent all around the world and not just in Vermont. The state of Vermont was very vocal at the rise of the crisis, stating that there was a clear and present issue.

In this upcoming election, Toll is very adamant about Vermont being a state that can address issues in a non-partisan way. She added that in previous years, legislature has had a tough time coming together to address the most prevalent issues. Toll has high hopes that party labels can be left out of making decisions for the greater good of Vermonters.


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