North Country Credit Union Demo

Capture.JPGncdemoLYNDONVILLE- A historic home on South Street in lyndonville is planned for demolition alongside the North Country Credit Union branch on the corner of South and Center Street.

Currently the branch has out grown its office and needs to expand its size to accommodate the influx of members.

 The Credit union faced challenges with where they could expand because their property is surrounded by flood plans. So instead of building backwards, the Credit Union taking over the old historic home next door at 155 South Street in Lyndonville.

Both Buildings are going to be demolished in order to make room for a larger , upgraded branch with more office space to serve the employees and members of the credit union. The historic home property will be primality turned into a larger packing lot to allow better traffic flow through the drive thru.

While the new branch is under construction, which should take between five to six months to complete, members will still be able to use North Country like normal. Luanne Carton the Director of Project and facilities says, "We hope to start next spring, early summer. It will probably month construction process, five to six months construction project to build a new building and get it ready for us to move in. We will gave a temporary space ready to go for the entire construction period".

She also says that want to save as much of the historic home as they can to use in the new building. She points out the home had amazing stained glass windows that she wants to see in the branch. Carton is also looking for photo of the South Street home back when it was in its prime. Demo is set to start in late spring, early June.

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