Lyndonville beats St. Johnsbury in Bike Challenge

Bike CompLYNDON- Over the weekend the town of Lyndonville received 500 dollars from winning the Bikes in the Parks Challenge competing against St. Johnsbury.This was the first time they have done a competition like this before.


Lyndonville had 992 miles while St. Johnsbury had a total of 921, both towns were close throughout the competition.Both of the Lyndonville and St.Johnsbury communities came together to exercise in each of their parks to see how many miles they can reach whoever got the most miles in the end would win 500 dollars towards improving their exercise availability throughout town. Both towns hope that they encouraged people to get out more and be more active. some of the exercises people could participate in were boot camp, yoga and stationary biking.

Town Municipality Administrator Justin Smith was happy to see Lyndonville and St. Johnsbury get together and compete with one another for the first time.

"I would like to see it continue, I think it worked well I think for our first time certainly doing it again I think will see more promotion and then maybe even more success than we had in this first year," said Smith.

The town is still uncertain as to what they will use the 500 dollars for.

"We haven't really decided what we are going to use it towards yet, but it can be anything from an improvement of a facility to improving a walking path or anything that is along that line that we want to use it for pretty much anything that helps to promote health in our community we are eligible to use the money for," said Smith.

The towns hope they can continue having these types of competitions in the future to keep the communities active.

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