Waste Management District and the Garbage Baler

WMDLYNDON - The Northeast Kingdom Waste Management District, located on Church Street in Lyndonville, has made the move to only operating four days a week. This new schedule excludes Tuesdays and Thursdays during the week, and was brought about due to technical difficulties involving machinery within the waste district. The balor that compresses trash and recycling, and is a pivitol machine to the operationg of the waste district tore itself apart Saturday October 13th, and has forced the waste management district to order a brand new machine.

The problem therin is that without a balor to compress waste, it is now a much longer and in-depth process for the waste district to properly dispose of garbage. "We have other equipement to compress waste," explaied Paul Tomasi, the Executive Director of the waste district, "but these methods do not account for the same volume of waste that we can dispose of in a given day." Due to the lower level of production, the waste district has decided to close the waste district on Tuesdays and Thursdays to allow for the waste to be transported to other plants on those days... freeing up the waste district to accept more garbage from the local area on the days that they are open.

"We now need those days to compensate for the amount of waste that we can handle in a given day, obviously the demand for waste treatment has not gone down at all from when we were open six days a week." Tomasi explained. "Luckily we just put in an order for a new balor, which should arrive within the next six to eight months." So for the time being, or until the new balor is delivered, members of the surrounding community are asked to work with the waste district and excercise patience with the new, and temporary, business hours.

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