NVU Crime Statistics Lower to a Point

crime sceneLYNDON - In a Saturday edition of the Caledonian Record, the date of the 13th, it was said that the crime rates at the Lyndon campus for Northern Vermont University were the lowest that they had been in the past decade. This statement is based off the statistics and crime reports released by the Public Safety offices located on the Lyndon campus.

However, upon further research and interviews with members of the faculty and Public Safety staff, this blanket statement made about the crime rates may only be partially true.


In a recent interview conducted with the public safety department on the Lyndon campus, they were able to shed some light on the statistics and why the campus may be seeing some lower rates of crimes committed. "I have been here since 2005," said Brian Michaud, a public safety officer, "and while i'm not too sure if the crime rate has gone down necessarily, I do know that we have been more pro-active as a safety department, and the campus has been more involved in educating the student body to be active viewers and thinkers rather than bystanders when they come across something wrong ocurring on campus." 

The article in the Caledonian Record went on to talk about how one statistic seemes to have become a larger problem, as all the other crime statistics went down. This was the amount of possesion and confiscation charges levied against students for having Cannibus while on campus. "This statistic was partially to be expected with the new laws that have been passed by the state," Michaud added, "however, at the same time the number of students caught with alcahol has gone down significantly. As more students use Marijuana instead of alcahol, you know it's pretty hard for us to catch students who have only taken a few sips of alcahol, but when they go out and smoke a joint it's very easy to smell the odor on their breath and clothes. 

While the public safety department does not condone any acts involving illicit drugs on campus, they are happy to see less and less crimes being committed on their campus, and the department assures that they will continue to work towards making the Lyndon Campus and even safer place to be.

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