Community Art

community art LYNDONVILLE-The Burklyn Art Council meet Tuesday night to talk about their upcoming events and how they can provide art for not only schools but also the community.The Burklyn Arts Council is "a private, not for profit 501c(3) organization which supports and encourages the arts in the school districts of Caledonia North Supervisory Union and Essex Caledonia Supervisory Union as well as home school and preschool programs.

BAC presents two craft fairs, one in July and one in December each year featuring juried professional craftspeople from Vermont and northern New Hampshire."


 One of the current projects being worked on is a Mural that will be painted in down town Lyndonville. The idea is to have a of Vermont sense that represent that the railway and the NEK. The design is nearing a finish draft, and they are hoping to get started around the 12th of October.

Carol Mason a Burklyn committee chair said, “We wanted Lyndonville to just have some art that everyone can enjoy, because we are very focused on schools a lot times, so we wanted an avenue to commit to the community to have them also enjoy art.” The location for the mural will be located between the gap of Freighthouse and Bagbalm building. It will be painted on the long gray building that sits behind the railroad tracks.


What's Coming Up At 5:30

What's Coming Up Tonight at 5:30

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