National Puppy Day

DogstuffLYNDON- Today is National Puppy Day, and it's a great day to celebrate and appreciate your furry best friend. Dogs can be taken for granted sometimes, but they also benefit people in many ways.Chantal Jean who has been a dog owner for the past 6 years doesn't regret a single thing about getting a dog.

 "I've had Stella for six years I got her my sophomore year of college. So we went through some struggles in the college life, but we made it and wouldn't change it." Said Dog Owner Chantal Jean.

Chantal and Stella have a bunch of adventures in the water. She says it's one of her most favorite memories and activities to do with Stella. "I really like to take her swimming it's not like a memory we do it all the time in the summer. We do it as often as possible. She's so funny to watch swim and she will jump off anything into the water and it's amazing to watch because she has no fear." Jean continued.

Stella is more than just a dog to Chantal, she is her best friend who is always there when she needs her. Chantal also believes dogs can help people in multiple ways. "I think dogs benefit people in many ways. I know for me like if I've had a long day after work I go home to her and just relax with her and she never complains and just gets me through the day."

There might be a method behind the madness of dogs being super active and very energetic. They might be trying to keep their owners healthy and active as well. "I think they emotionally help people, physically they keep people active. I have to go out and play with her I have to go out and take her on walks. You know those are two of the main reasons I think they benefit people." Jean went on to say.

Over at Dog Mountain in St. Johnsbury, they discussed into more detail about how our furry friends help us as human beings.

"It's so therapeutic to have a dog around even at the end of your day or particularly for people who have serious issues." Said Pam Mccann Dog Mountain General Manager.
"They get you outside you can exercise, they egg you on to exercise they need to be outside so it gets you up and moving."

Dogs might as well be their owner's personal trainers with the amount of energy a dog has and needs to wear off every day. More than being personal trainers they are also great for emotional support.

"They're just great companions for when you are feeling low and just amazing creatures to have in your life period." Mccann went on to say.

"It's just an enriching experience to have a dog in your life."

Now Mccann has been around dogs for quite a while by owning a few and being able to work at Dog Mountain. Being around them has made life better for her.

"Well I've had a few dogs and I'm really lucky to be here because I get to see dog's every day and it's great to have people come in with their pets and just meet so many different dog personalities and breads."

Dogs come and go which is sad, but all those memories will last forever and Mccann has experienced losing a dog after so many years and moving onto another one.

"In my younger years I hiked a lot and had my dog for seventeen years, she was my sidekick she was everything to me. She came everywhere, just a wonderful companion."

"I could just mellow out anywhere with her even just her being near and being able to touch her and have her head on my lap was so wonderful. And yeah I have benefited greatly from my dogs." Mccann continued.

Owner's relationships with their dogs aren't always like the ones you see in a movie or the ones you read about. Mccann believes that there are some owners out there who take dogs for granted.

"They definitely do, we take each other for granted and it's a human quality. The thing about dogs is they never take you for granted they're always there, there always themselves and in the moment."

"But yeah we have some bad habits as humans and we can take our dogs for granted and do unfortunately."

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