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VTVintageLYNDONVILLE - Jesse Eustace is transforming his love of vintage clothing into a career, and is doing so in the form of V.T. Vintage in downtown Lyndonville.

The 39-year-old entrepreneur opened his shop four months ago, but collecting and selling thrifted items is something he's been doing for quite some time. "Before I opened this store I was selling to other stores, wholesale, and so I kind of got to know the people and I just really liked the way they were doing it. It just seemed like something that would be really cool to do on my own."

 "It started out with me selling antiques and then I just sort of drifted towards the clothes because I guess I just like clothes.
It's just fun because there's so many different styles and it's all really well made."

Eustace has an eclectic collection of items in his store, ranging anywhere from neon ski suits, to sequin gowns, and his personal favorite, denim. The pieces that you'll find in V.T. Vintage originate from an assortment of decades, each possessing their own story. This history is one of Eustace's favorite aspects of the business. "It's got like a life of its own, a personality kind of. You know what I mean? Like when you buy an old piece of furniture or an antique or something, it's lived its life, it's kind of got character to it."

According to Eustace, seeing these characters enjoyed by others is one the most rewarding parts of his job. "It's just really cool to see it well received from kids all the way to old people, who are older than me...All different generations of people all enjoying the same thing."

Eustace is excited to have started his business in the Northeast Kingdom, and hopes that one day his shop will serve as a gathering destination for those in the area.  

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