An Icy Inconvinience

Lyndonville- The Bipolar Weather this winter has been an burden to bare for many across the Northeast Kingdom. With the constant unfreezing and refreezing that makes for a lot of ice on the roads. But for Aces towing in Lyndonville the problem is not on the roadways but on the driveways.

Interestingly enough most of Aces Towing's work during the winter is done in snow and ice covered driveways. The most common practice is a winch out, a winch out is when you use a chain tied to a tow truck then tied to the vehicle that is stuck to pull it out. Now I know what you could be thinking, How would a tow truck be able to get into such a treacherous driveway? Jerimiah Little who is the owner of Aces is thinking the same thing. "You went off the road because it was icy the tow truck is probably going to do the same thing and then the guy delivering your propane and your heating oil could go off your driveway and your emergency personel could get stuck too because you didnt put a little sand on your driveway".

Aces says that they are getting fed up over their customers not sanding their driveway and freeing it of ice and it is even more of an annoyance when Aces tells the customer that someones driveway has to be clear of ice and the next time they come back it still is not sanded.

It is not just about your safety in your own driveway but Aces safety as well.

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