Lyndon's Stench

TrashThe Town of Lyndon has noticed a change in their trash recently. The community voiced their concerns about the lack of service within their garbage. Dan Daley, Kermit Fisher, and Martha Feltus, board members for Lyndon Selectboard, sat in front of Steve Earley to hear his explanation.

Before the meeting, Dan Daley explained the issue with Mr. Earley. "The Town has made several attempts to contact Mr. Earley regarding his bid and to also discuss some of the concerns about the current service he provides to the Town. We have not been able to connect with him. He does have an email with our concerns, but I'm not sure if he has responded to them or if he will be in attendance tonight. I believe Casella Waste will also be in attendance this evening, but they have not sent in a bid."

Steve Earley, the man responsible for the lack of service, explained he felt embarrassed to have to explain why the job was not being done. The Board claims there is a lack of communication, reliability, and service. People also complained their recycling and trash went into the same bin, expressing the frustration of sorting the two for no reason.

Mr. Earley calmly explained his challenges."When snow doesn't get picked up, it's just left on the road. When mail doesn't get delivered, it's fine. But when trash doesn't get picked up that's when things go wrong," Earley explained to the Board. The company lost one of the dump trucks, so they were left with one working vehicle to pick up all the trash in the town. He claims they did put all the trash together, but at the end did sort them so recycling went into the proper disposal. Earley admits the lack of communication was his fault, and that next time something happens he will report it to the town immediately.

Martha Feltus explained she agreed the communication needs to be more efficient. "It was good to communicate with Mr. Earley to discuss the issue because people need to get their trash picked up. The town has had no complaints about Earley's service, which is why we to continue to have him serve our town," said Feltus.

The town plans to stay with Earley's service.

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