Light up the Night

light up the night thumbnailLYNDON - There will be a Big Rig parade going through town on Saturday the 16th. But these will not be the usual diesel fueled, high opacity, six-cylinder engine trucks that we are used to; the trucks will be covered with dazzling christmas lights that will light up the night with Holiday tidings and cheer.

 The event itself was completely created and organized by town local and Aces Towing owner Jeremiah Little. This will be the first year that Lyndon will host an event like this for the Holiday's and all proceeds will go to the H.O.P.E. foundation. "I'm hoping it will be an annual event," says Little, "this is our first annual, and 50 years down the road, somebody else could be taking it over and carrying on the tradition, we don't really do a whole lot as a community, I think it will be a great idea to get everybody together."

It isn't just Aces Towing that will be participating in the Parade event. Little has reached out to Big Rig and Truck companies from around our local and extended area, and quite a few companies will be attending the event, including one Williston Truck company that is notorious for their light covered semi-truck.

When Little first brought up the idea for the parade at a lyndon selectboard meeting December 4th, the selectboard was instantly interested in the event. The Lyndon Chamber of Commerce reached out to Little to show their support of the event as well. "It sounds like a fun event, and good for H.O.P.E.," said Cheryl McMahon, secretary of the Chamber of Commerce.

The parade is set to go from Kennametal parking lot located on Main Street to Depot Street, to Broad Street, then Center Street, and then to Park Avenue onto Main Street and back to Kennametal. The Parade will start at Six P.M. and will feature all the trucks with light displays created by the truck companies and the local businesses that volunteered to decorate trucks for the parade. Also, the big man in red himself, Santa Clause, is expected to make an appearance at the parade as well.

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