Light Up the Town for Charity

light up town thumbnailLYNDON- What stemmed from a longing for a traditional sense of community during the holidays has made an idea come into full fruition as a fully planned event. The first annual "Light Up the Night" Holiday Parade will take place Saturday, December 16th.

 Jeremiah Little of Aces Towing in Lyndonville was talking to friends about how he felt like the sense of community around the holidays has been missing lately. "This time that we are in is not really family or community oriented anymore... Thirty, forty, fifty years ago the whole community would come together for events and nobody gets together anymore."

Little noticed that the towns and areas that many of his friends live hold annual holiday parades. After discussing the sense of community and togetherness that these types of events bring, he decided he wanted to organize one in the Lyndon/St. Johnsbury area. "We've never had anything like this in the Lyndonville/St. Johnsbury area and it was just a spur of the moment thing."

Spur of the moment it was, as Little just barely brought the idea to the Lyndon Selectboard just shy of two weeks prior to the event. After getting approved, however, Little created a Facebook event for the parade and after just a few hours, hundreds of people responded with enthusiasm expressing interest. "I kind of stopped looking at it once it went over 1,000 people that were interested. There seems to be a lot of people excited about it, so hopefully it is a big turnout."
To go back to the origins of community, Little made the decision to donate the proceeds of the parade to a charity. With each truck in the parade donating $20 to enter, proceeds will be going to H.O.P.E. in Lyndonville. "Winter is a hard time for everybody so we thought we could coincide with making it a fundraiser and raise money for a local charity."
The parade is on Saturday December 16th at 6:00pm and will begin at the former Kennametal building and continue on to Depot Street and Center Street, and then loop back to Kennametal. Little hopes that this event becomes a tradition for years to come.


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