Coming Home To Coach

hockeyLYNDON- Lyndon Institute's Boy's Hockey Coach decided to come back to his home state and coach a team he see's success in. Also he missed the weather Vermont offers.



"I missed New England, my family, my children, you don't see too many white Christmas's in Texas," Said LI's Boys Hockey Coach Chris Meunier.


Meunier explained that the style of hockey is very different in Texas compared to Vermont. He was even surprised with some things while coaching there. "Actually a lot of hockey in Texas, more than people realize. It was a little easier to teach the game because they didn't have any bad habits, when we learned the game we didn't have to break any habits." Meunier went on to say.


It's not easy to switch states and coach a group of athletes you're unfamiliar with. Meunier is still adjusting to his new team, but has noticed some progress and likes what he is seeing. "They want to work, they've bought in I think to the system and they're working hard" Meunier continued.


Not only is it a hard transition for Meunier, the players also go through the transition of having a new man in charge. Especially having a new coach you're senior year. "It's not the easiest transition, I think we can make it work" Said Senior Captain Krystof Vanek.


They transition may be tough, but there is some bright spots throughout the process. "I'm actually excited because I think Coach has a lot of brain, a lot to bring to the table. He introduced a new system to us, and we're working on it," Vanek continued.


Vanek and Meunier also mentioned that playing with a competitive attitude is a big goal for them this year. The team won their season home opener on Wednesday against Brattleboro 6-3. Meunier was happy with the win, but still see's a lot of work to be done.

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