Business Celebration

BusinessST. JOHNSBURY-For one local business or one person within the Northeast Kingdom today was the day to be honored. Many local businesses from around the area gather for the Northeast Kingdom Business Celebration on December 12th at Lyndon State College to celebrate 23 years of successful businesses in a small area.


Businesses from the surrounding town were invited to share some of their proudest moments within the year’s time. Some making changes that tremendously affected the future of their business and others making small improvements to support them in the many years to come.

Darcie McCann the executive Director of the Northeast Kingdom Chamber of Commerce believes that this celebration is an uplifting and exciting time for businesses and for people within these businesses. They get to share their stories on what great things they have accomplished in just a small amount of time.

“We hear from them and often I have no idea what they’re going to say, for instance a man earlier who is from the industrial park, no one knew that he was running a very successful wheelchair company for disabilities and its growing...we cover all corners of the kingdom...all sizes of businesses, it’s a really fun event”, said McCann.

At this years event two people were awarded for what they have done in the year to help their institutions thrive. The first was Dr. Nolan Atkins, Provost the of Northern Vermont University. He received an award for striving in taking the necessary steps to move forward with the unification between Lyndon State College and Johnson State College. The second was Jen Grant for bringing life to her business by being energetic and an all around kind hearted person.

“One of the aspects we’ve tried to do in the last couple of years is we recognize businesses but we are really trying to do it more for employees and it came from one of our community members who really spoke to the initiative, the commitment, and the support that the employees do in a particular business and how the businesses would not succeed without them...that is why Dr. Nolan Atkins was recognized, for all that he has done in the transition of Lyndon State College.” said McCann.

McCann believes that those who take pride in their work and those who work hard within their businesses should be recognized. She is intrigued by how far the Northeast kingdom has come in just a few short years and is excited to see what the future holds for these businesses.  



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