Winter Firefighter Challenges

winter fireLYNDON- The cold Vermont weather is finally starting kick in around the Northeast Kingdom. During the winter season Firefighters have to battle through some adversity when dealing with fires.

One of the most common fires during this season comes from inside homes. “So nation wide cooking is the biggest fire hazard, but here in Vermont it’s actually heating. So heating is the number one cause of fires, structure fires.” Said Lyndonville Fire Lieutenant  Patrick McLaughlin.
The biggest challenge firefighters face when going out to fires is their engines and water pumps freezing. “We freeze pumps just driving to the scene,  because there maybe just a little bit of water inside that pump and if you ever rolled down your window when it’s in the teens it gets cold pretty fast.” McLaughlin continued.
“Making sure that our equipment doesn’t freeze and our number priority is that our firefighters don’t freeze, because we’re using water and we can see frostbite and things of that nature even though we’re fighting in fire,”
Another thing that these firefighters have to deal with every time they come in and out of a building is making sure their masks are fully functional. “Hardest part when you go in a fire in the winter time is when you come out, your inside of a warm building as soon as you walk out your mask can fog up and you could trip over something.” McLaughlin went on.

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