Lyndon Furniture Named First Runner-Up

Lyndon furniture thumbnailLYNDON - The Contemporary Design Group has named a piece submitted by Lyndon Furniture as the first runner-up in a national competition.The competition was the Edward Haimsohn Design Award, which is in its fourth year of promoting original and artful furnishings from businesses across America.


The Contemporary Design Group announced that the "Unity Table", which was submitted by Lyndon Furniture for the competition, would be a finalist in the competition as of mid September, and the Group delivered the message that the table received first runner-up as of December 3rd.

The winner of the design award has been confirmed as the Rondo Seating Collection, created by Molinari Designs. However, Lyndon Furniture says that 2nd place is still great for their business.

"I think it was september that we got the email that said that we had gotten into the final round with twelve other designs which was really cool when your looking at it. We've never entered into anything like this... we didn't know.... to a certain degree we didn't know how awesome we were." said Sean Breen, one of the creators of the Unity Table.

CDG's executive director Alicia Mendez said "It's a great marketing opportunity for anyone creating great new pieces to promote their designs to the modern furniture shopper. Getting additional exposure at High Point Market, when you have a chance to get buyers to your showroom is an obvious plus."

In years past, CDG has seen furniture companies who are involved in their competition get increases in sales and are able to produce more unique furnishings once they have been noted for their craftsmanship.

After doing so well in a national competition that they didn't even expect to make a finalist appearance in, Sean Breen says that Lyndon Furniture will be sure to put more of their works into competitions, and treat their creations with much more seriousness.

"I really didn't think that we would make it so far in a national competition, and we only get so much critique for our furniture from marketing." Breen said. "We really don't know how well we do with our furniture as a result, so doing so well shows us truly how much potential we have."


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