Food for Those in Need

FOODSHARELYNDONVILLE- During the holidays some times it’s not all about presents. Many members of the community got together Tuesday December fifth to participate in the Food Share. The Food Share is an event that is held at the Lyndonville Armory twice a month to help those in need. The Food Share provides free food, water, and even dog food for people that may not be able to afford it. This allow people in need come to the Lyndonville Armory and get the food they need.

"A lot of families they don't have much, so it's helping out a lot of people”, said community member Scott Toupin.

Many people come to the Food Share to get food but also to volunteer their time and contribute help for the gracious act of food.

"Well, I don't just come here for the food I come to volunteer also but with my arm being the way it is I can't volunteer today, so I am here for the food, but it helps me out a lot, I really enjoy coming here and helping out when I can”, said Toupin.

Many people that come to the Food Share rely on this event because it means that they have one less thing to give up. People don’t have to decided between having heat or food, they can have both and not have to worry about making ends meet. 

"I think there are a lot more people that come during the holidays because they have to worry about Christmas and their family and they want to make them happy too but they also want food in their stomachs as well”, said Volunteer Misty Townsend. 

Not only due the volunteers help during this event but they also donate food for the event as well. These community members volunteer for many reasons like putting a smile on someones face. 

"Making people smile when you hand them a dozen eggs, they're like oh I can do some baking now and they're just tickled and it puts a smile on their face and it feels good, when you leave you feel good inside for helping”, said Townsend.

During the holidays are typically their busiest time of year for the Food Share, seeing more number come through their doors.

"Ya I think holidays we see peak demand and if social services and charity groups weren't available, we get money from different organizations, it's not just us and if that generosity wasn't available, and donors, we just couldn't do it, but it's not just us, it's a lot of people in the community”, said Volunteer Tom Frackleton. 

The Food Share hosts these events twice a month at the Lyndonville Armory and anyone in need is welcome to come to get food.



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