A Boy And His Pets

llamaLYNDONVILLE - One local youth gets to have a unique experience with his pets. Most kids have your typical dog, cat, and maybe a few fish. However, Pierce Thompson has something a little bit cooler than your typical companion, he has pets that could even help him later in life.

He has Henry, Willie Nelson, Bubba Brown, Bubba Black, Savanah, and McGreggor. That's two donkeys, two goats, a llama, an alpaca, oh and twenty-five chickens. 

With so many interesting animals there natually is a few more chores when it comes time to take care of them. "They need water, hay, and grain. But grain is mostly a treat," said Thompson. He usually takes about two trips up to the barn to feed and water all of the animals. 

Like any other boy with a few pets Thompson said he has his favorite, "I like Willie probably, he was a day old when i saw him and it was cool to see him andhe seemed to like me." 

Some pets, especially dogs and cats, usually love to cuddle. With pets like Thompson's that isn't always a possiblity and he hopes the next animal will be a litle more cuddlier.

"An alpaca that would like to be patted would be cool. Because they usually run away when you try to pet them,"said Thompson. 

Having your not so typical companions has its benefits. Thompson said, "I think it's cool. I definitely think it's fun." The expereinces he has now with his pets could help him in the future. Thompson went on to say, "I wanna be a police officer... I wanted to for awhile or a game warden. That's what I really wanna be; or a chicken farmer. 




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