Services for Veterans

Vet boiLYNDONVILLE - The American Legion post #30 put on a lot of events to raise money for several causes that help their community.

The events range from auctions, to poker nights, to breakfasts they raise money for veterans and a monthly cause. This month they will be donating money to the Northeast Kingdom's Special Olympics. Saturday November 11th was when the legion held a hunter's breakfast. They broke even early on in the morning so most of the breakfast was making profit. Andrea Taylor had this to say about the event,

"We have more than made back what it cost us so from now till 11 is going towards our charity"

The Penny Auction was a big money raiser for veterans and got some children involved. The kids would bring the prize to the winning ticket owners. On of the kids Elise D'Ambra said this about the event,

"What I like obout the penny auction is that we get to help people get what they need and just seeing the smiles on everyone's faces"

The American Legion fundraiser is a lot of help to the veterans of the Northeast Kingdom. The money goes towards giving them new clothes if they need them, a place to stay if they need it, and a warm meal. The numbers at the events have been growing because of the use of social media and newspaper ads. This is good news for post #30. Robert Bonnel, a veterean, had this to say,

"When they go to war or when they come back you can't forget about the veterans, they need a lot of help"

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