An Educated Choice

riversideschoolLYNDONVILLE- The Riverside School was founded thirty-six years ago by Tim Thompson of Kirby. The School started in his own house and has been transformed into a multi building property on 30 Lily Pond Road with over one-hundred students. Thompson now lives in Kirby, however, within the past year a new school district has been formed that the Riverside School is a part of; that district is called the “School Choice” district. The district is made up of ten schools in towns that include Granby, Maidstone, Kirby, and Lyndonville. The district is also the biggest school district in terms of landmass in that state and it stretches from the Canadian border down to Kirby.


Thompson’s children attended Riverside growing up, and his three grandchildren have followed in those footsteps. Thompson explains “It’s a delight, they are really happy, they are exposed to latin and fieldtrips and excellent education so its great fun to see them thrive”. Programs like the Biography fair that’s scheduled for this month at the school brings that happiness to the students according to Co-curricular Director of the school Nelia Rath, “all of our fourth graders have been doing intensive research on historical figures”. “Parents are here and grandparents are here seeing it all happen its pretty cool.”

Parents at the school also find the district to be very important. Sara Lussier, a parent of a student at the school says “I am fortunate that that the town I live in offers school choice”. I am grateful that my children attend based on what best fits their needs, not where we live”. Some towns in the area that do not have schools such as Kirby and East Haven do. The “School Choice” district allows children from those towns to choose where they want to attend school. Thompson also explains how all of these area’s schools have come together to find out how they could continue a long-standing tradition of school choice in the area that they found in creating the district. The resident school for the district is the Caanan school, but that does not mean that students have to attend that school. This new district might be able to make towns, like Kirby that does not have its own school, to encourage more people to live in the town because they can send their children to any school they want, “I think its going to end up being something that’s going to enrich those towns over time” says Thompson.

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