Bank Zoning in Lyndon


LYNDON- The Lyndon Selectboard held a public hearing in the Lyndon Municipal Building on Monday, October 16th. This hearing held for public review of and comment on the re-Zoning.


The town of Lyndon was considered to re- zone at 155 South Street from the Residential Neighborhood District to the Village Commercial District at the request of the property owner North Country Federal Credit Union, who wish to build a commercial parking lot for their customers

“We have a history that extends well beyond 25 years with downtown Lyndonville, and our goal is to remain committed to this area, and committed to promoting economic development, and safe good communities, and this will further that. ” says Bob Morgan, the CEO of NCCU.

This change has been requested by a petition singed by not less than five percent of the voter of the municipality. There are some people who want to restore the historic integrity of the home.

“My concern, and I’m very supportive of North Country Federal Credit Union, you know, my daughter is a member, it is great to see a thriving business, but I’m concerned that you are going to get bigger, and then decide to pick up and leave and move to another location, and then we will have torn down one of the older houses in town, and just have a parking lot there.” Says a Lyndonville resident.

In the other hand there still have more people want to see the continued success of a local business.

Lyndonville resident Mike Schlesinger said:” with having Cumberland farms in the nearby vicinity to it, it creates as much of a traffic problem as anything else. I’m hoping that making this commercial lot, letting the bank expand, will alleviate some of the traffic problems that are there now.”

After that meeting the Lyndon Selectboard continued more discussion and they will either make a decision on their own or put the proposal up for a vote at the next town meeting.



BANK ZONING. from NewsLINC on Vimeo.

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