Illegal Cemetery Disposing

         dump in cemeteryLYNDON-The Lyndon Center Cemetery was established in 1793, to become a large cemetery for Lyndon to offer a good spot for people to grief loved ones, but some mystery man’ s activity broke the peace recently.




         This spring, people found some dumped trail when they walked in to the back of the hill, which is near the Lyndon Institute. When they exploded more deep, they found bunch of trash heap up into the valley.

         “There is trash, some bag of trash but also a couple pieces of furniture if I remember correctly,” says Justin Smith.

         To be the municipal administrator, Justin told us the proposed solutions are to either build gates around the outer edge of the cemetery or enforce earlier visiting hours.

         “ Obviously we don’t want to limited the visit time, but at the same time, I am thinking about this activity that is happening in the evening, or we can close the gate of the cemetery just let the walkers in, and ask people to just walk in the cemetery.”

         The Select Board meeting was held in the municipal office building Monday night, to talk about how to deal with this problem. The cemetery crew is going to start their clean-up work on October 9th. The crew will be removing all dead flowers, fake flowers, and their associated plastic containers. Because there is a lot of work to do, the clean-up process will not be completed all at once.

         “ It really comes down to those two alternatives, one I’d probably say is more of a hassle on the people that might be visiting, and the other one is an expense so it just comes down to, do we want to do anything? Do we want to actually spend some dollars on the issue? Or just put gates up?” says Justin.

         So the solution is still in its beginning phases, and will most likely not be implemented until after the winter months.



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