Hot Days and Hotter Canines

dogLYNDON- With the unusually high, sometimes uncomfortable temperatures that the region has been facing, humans aren’t the only ones trying to find means to cool off. 

While it is sometimes easy for people to just turn a fan on or find some shade or air conditioning, our furry friends don’t always have those options. Especially, if they are in a shelter or a dog pound. 

Cindy Cady, who is the Animal Control Officer for the town of Lyndon and runs the Lyndon Dog Pound had a bit to say about the heat that’s been raging during the first week of Autumn with highs in the mid to upper 80s. 

The Lyndon Dog Pound is located near Agway and White’s Market in Lyndon and houses both cats and dogs that are available for adoption. 


With no air conditioning in the dog pound, however, the animals are utilizing every option that they can in order to keep cool.


“I have a fan and the floor is cement so that helps to keep it a little bit cooler,” says Cady. She says that it also cools off a bit at night and that usually cools off the inside of the building for at least the morning portion of the day. 


As for your pets at home, Cady says that even though it is the end of September, there are extreme temperatures out there and to be mindful and not leave your pets out in the car.

Lyndon Animal Shelter from NewsLINC on Vimeo.

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